Ann Martin

Why we love Ann...

Ann creates magical sound journeys that effortlessly calm the mind and body with quartz crystals, Himalayan singing bowls, and BLISSbowls™.

Ann's bio:

Ann Martin combined a 23-year career in the healing arts, 40 years in the music business, and her passion for helping people to create an innovative approach to singing bowls. She is a pioneer in the use of singing bowls as a therapeutic technique to help modern society find transformation, stress relief and pure presence. She is the Founder and Creator of the BLISSbowls™ Healing Method, teaching people how to integrate the bowls into professional practices. Most recently, she created BLISSbowls™ Meditation Cards: 70 Ways to Meditate with Your Singing Bowl and a soothing CD, “Submerged in Sacred Sound,” both of which are distributed internationally. Read more about Ann’s private practice, concerts, events, classes, and retreats by visiting