ANXIETY Collection

The guided meditations in the Anxiety Collection are designed to help you ease the tension and worry that is often associated with Anxiety. These meditations guide you to let go of tension and worry using breath, body, visualization and inspirational styles.


Racing thoughts, feelings of fear or uncontrollable worry: Anxiety can be a short-term byproduct of stress or a more serious chronic condition, and it’s becoming increasingly common in our fast-paced culture. The toll anxiety takes on the mind and body can be extreme: insomnia, fatigue, irritability, digestive problems and chronic headaches are just some of the health issues connected to anxiety.

The Anxiety meditation collection was created to help ease feelings related to anxiety that can cause fear, tension and worry.  When practiced daily they will help relieve tightness and tension and provide a sense of calm, helping you to feel more grounded and at peace. Meditation may help with the racing mind that accompanies anxiety.  Instead of riding the wave of negative thoughts and worries, you can learn to quiet this overactive mind.  Mediation can help us start to just sit with the racing and fearful thoughts, noticing them without identifying with them so completely. This gives you the ability to feel more centered and calm.



Lowers Heart Rate

"When I find myself struggling with anxiety and an elevated heart rate, I stop and take a few minutes to use this app. Don't hesitate to get it."