The guided meditations in this authentic Leadership collection were created as a companion to the book, The Myth of the Nice Girl: Achieving a Career You Love Without Becoming a Person You Hate, by Fran Hauser. These meditations are designed to inspire and empower women to fully embrace their authentic leadership style.


If you’ve ever felt as if your actions don’t accurately reflect who you are on the inside, this collection will be a lifesaver. When we’re working in an environment that isn’t in alignment with our values, the inner ‘dissonance’ we feel can throw us out of balance with how we see ourselves. This collection of guided meditations inspires us to lead our lives more authentically…to be exactly who we are in any situation. We can be kind and strong. We can share success with others knowing there’s enough to go around. We can find our voice and speak with confidence. We can continue learning new things and investing in growth, so that we can be our very best selves.




"I cannot even begin to say what a difference this app made for me. I work in an extremely high-stress environment and the meditation sessions really improved my performance at work as well as saved my mental health :-) Excellent app."