You Can Re-Script Your Life for More Joy

In a recent Untangle podcast interview, we had the pleasure of talking to Best Self Founder, Kristen Noel. Here are a few wisdom nuggets from a very fun interview!

A Life Crisis can be an amazing opportunity to dig deep down for what
really matters and to (maybe even) start over with a brand new blank
 Kristen shares how empowering it is to learn that she could
start over and ‘save herself.’

When you’re ready to explore a big change, it’s best to get quiet and
simply listen
. There’s so much noise in our lives, inside our monkey minds
and outside in the world (busy, busy, busy). It helps to get really quiet to re-
ground and cultivate something new in our lives.

You can choose to ‘happen to life’ instead of just letting life happen to
It’s very liberating to know that you can’t control everything, but you
can choose how you’re going to show up each day.

Get honest with yourself, ask the right questions, and know that you
can be brave, taking one small step at a time to initiate a change.
You can
always give yourself permission to course correct, to change your mind.
Simply reset, let go of your fear and limiting beliefs, and move forward step
by step.

Always be open to possibility. Explore what might be holding you back
and what might be preventing you from living vibrantly and with purpose
and passion.

Reinventing is like the gift from the gods. Kristen shares that when she
puts her feet onto the floor each morning she asks herself “how am I going
to greet the day, what am I grateful for and how do I want to show up
today.” Then, if she notices that she’s gotten up on the wrong side of the
bed… she just gets back into bed and starts over.

Being your best self doesn’t mean you’re perfect. No one is! Kristen’s
mission is to celebrate people and to share all the messy, imperfect,
vulnerable stories in our live

At the end of the day, ask yourself, "did I take the time to feed myself with the stuff that really matters.  Busy-ness is a form of self-medication and sometimes we just need to stop and refill the take care of ourselves. 



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