Changing Habits Course

with Hugh Byrne


Hugh Byrne, top mindfulness expert, created this meditation course to help you identify unhealthy habits and learn new tools to break them.


Almost half of what we do is habitual. Habits are the brain’s way of conserving energy and resources, leading us to repeat actions that we may or may not desire. When we do the same thing often enough in a consistent way, the brain recognizes that behavior and then it becomes automatic, triggered by environmental cues rather than a thoughtful intention. This can put us on auto-pilot, robbing us of the ability to make choices on how we want to behave, with awareness and intention. On auto-pilot, we often develop unhealthy habits with unwanted consequences. These habits can be very hard to break.

But we can change even strong and well-established habits. The key to making a change is to bring more awareness and mindfulness to our behaviors. Mindfulness is meeting our experience with acceptance, without judgment. It’s being present with whatever we’re feeling, hearing, seeing, tasting, touching, feeling and then making a conscious choice, free of our negative habits.

Mindfulness brings awareness to our unconscious habits and is essential in opening up the possibility of developing new, healthier ones.



Great Course!

"Thank you for this course. I’ve been on autopilot for a long time and this course has really helped to focus me on changing my bad habits."