Our Collections

Have an area of your life that needs extra love? Our curated collections offer guided meditation sessions to keep you focused on a particular condition or goal.


Be Healthy

Meditations for: Stress, Sleep, Anxiety, Mindful Eating, and Pain

Get the tools you need to keep mind and body healthy with these calm and soothing sessions.

Be Awesome

Meditations for: Happiness, WorkPerformance, and Confidence

Boost your mood and find your inner awesome with sessions designed to elevate and inspire.


Be Kind

Meditations for: Compassion, Relationships, and Leadership

Cultivate forgiveness, compassion, and self-love with sessions focused on empathy.

Be Curious

Meditations for: Quick Breaks, Long Breaks, Zen, and Mantra

Still testing the waters? Explore different styles of meditation to find your perfect fit.

Just for

Meditations for: Moms, Kids, Teens, CollegeQuarterlife, Entrepreneurs, Travel, Earth Day, Veterans, and First Responders

These meditations meet the needs of specific people, communities, and careers.