college Collection

The guided meditations in this College collection were inspired by our partner, Her Campus, the #1 new-media brand for college women. They are designed to support students in many new situations, whether entering or exiting the college experience.


Have you ever compared yourself to others or judged yourself (or others!) harshly and then felt pretty darn lousy? New experiences can overwhelm even the steadiest of souls, inspiring us to seek some steady ground below. Meditations like “Cultivating Self-Love,” “Make Today Amazing,” “Reversing Overwhelm,” “Reducing Exam Anxiety,” “Fear of the Unknown, “Comparing Yourself to Others” and many others will fuel new perspectives, helping you feel so much better about any situation. Whether you’re stressed out because it’s the first time away from home, feeling anxious in social situations, struggling with a new relationship or roommate or simply navigating big decisions — whether it is what course to take or what will I do after graduation — this collection is for you!



Really helps for being in college

"This really has helped me control my anxiety since
I am in college. I love this app!!!!!!"