Compassion Collection

This Compassion collection brings together a number of heartfelt-guided meditations that focus on loving-kindness, healing a heart, forgiveness and unconditional love. The styles for these guided meditations are primarily heart and inspiration.


A recent study funded by the Mind & Life Institute found that those who meditate regularly have a 35 percent higher chance of publicly helping someone in need (a person struggling with crutches, in this particular study) than those who don’t meditate. What’s this indicate? Mindfulness meditation can help improve our compassion for others.

Then there’s the phenomena of neuroplasticity, which is our brain’s ability to change its structure and behavior according to our environment or a shift in attitude. In a nutshell, we can mold our brain into the person we want it to be. Research shows that compassion can be learned, just like learning a new game. Through meditation, we teach ourselves to become a more compassionate person.

This collection features teachers who will help to ease suffering and guide you to reconnect with yourself and others in your life and communities around the world.



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