COnfidence Collection

This collection of guided meditations was created to help you build self-esteem and confidence. When practiced daily, the meditations are intended to reduce negative thinking and to inspire you to feel more positive about yourself. This collection of meditations includes breath, visualization and inspiration styles.


There’s no doubt that we’ve all suffered from negative self-talk. Our culture is steeped in seeking perfection, from the perfect body, to the perfect job, to the perfect life. Whether online or in person, we can’t help but compare our experiences to those around us, listening to the harsh inner critic that resides within.

True self-confidence is built on a foundation of self-awareness, and meditation helps to increase our self-awareness. By redefining our relationship with our thoughts, we disarm our inner critic. In mindfulness meditation, we learn to see the beauty of our imperfections, and see empowerment where we once saw failure.

Whether you’re trying to be brave in the face of a big life decision or you just want a little more fearlessness in your day to day, these meditations help you to focus on your strengths, access your inner power and release self-doubt.



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