Day to night Collection

The guided meditations in this Day to Night collection were created to help you as you move throughout your day. We’ve included everything from morning intentions and afternoon boosts to evening reflections and relaxation meditations.


We often think that meditation happens at one time or place during the day, but it doesn’t have to. You can be inspired whenever or wherever you need it most. Think of it as “on demand” meditation! The meditations in this collection will help you wake up in the morning with intention and focus-setting practices (“Rise and Shine,” “Begin the Day,” “Connection to What Matters”), reenergize in the afternoon (“Afternoon Reboot,” “Energizing Nap”) and transition to a relaxing evening (“Leaving the Day Behind,” ”Evening Reflection”). You’ll have a clearer mind, a calmer body and a more present self — morning, noon and night.



Works Wonders

"I use this app every night before bed to clear my mind and relax. It works wonders. I find myself waking up half an hour or more before my alarm every day now feeling totally calm and rested. Definitely worth every penny!"