deepening your practice

with Michael Apollo


The Deepening Your Practice Course provides the guidance you need to examine your intentions, push through those pesky roadblocks, and take your practice to the next level.


This course provides the tips, tools and trade secrets you need to move beyond the immediate benefits of meditation and develop a more soul-satisfying practice. Dig deep with self examination exercises that will encourage you to revisit your intentions, visualize your life’s journey, and find the path you need to learn, grow, and thrive. Learn how to become a more compassionate, connected, and caring person (to yourself and others!) with guided meditations that will open your heart, settle your mind, and increase your empathy. Whether your meditation practice has hit a plateau or you just need a fresh start, the Deepening Your Practice Course will help you find comfort in stillness, increase your awareness, and let go of resistance. Take your meditation practice to the next level with the confidence you need to become the very best version of you.



Incredible App!

"This is the first review I’ve ever left for an app and it’s simply because it’s THAT good. Meditation has been a major life changer for me and this app has been the facilitator of that change. There are so many options in teachers, lengths of time, focuses of meditation, etc. I’m a therapist so the meditations for First Responders is particularly useful for me and helps with my compassion fatigue. No, the app isn’t free, but think of your life as worth the investment."