Entrepreneurs Collection

This Collection of guided meditations was created to support the unique needs of entrepreneurs as they face the everyday challenges of creating and scaling their businesses.


Whether you're a first time entrepreneur or have been engaged with many start-ups, you probably know first hand the times when your hair is literally on fire! These meditations were created to help ease the challenges that come with the every day stresses of being an entrepreneur. Do you feel isolated because you're working remotely? Are you feeling burnt out because you've been on 'autopilot' trying to hit deadlines for investors? Are you feeling the pressure of meeting q4 goals? The meditations in this Collection range from facing failure and seeing it as a 'friend' to recharging your batteries (rebooting that inner technology!) to dealing with constant change. As entrepreneurs we tend to put self-care on the back burner. Use these meditations anytime, anywhere to create the essential calm, focus and groundedness needed to be your most productive self.



This was exactly what I needed

"Beginning a meditation practice was intimidating, but this app has made it easy. Thank you!"