Fertility Collection

The Fertility Collection explores the emotional challenges that are a part of the journey to motherhood—from opening to infinite possibilities and trusting the process to navigating grief and releasing fear to choosing joy in hard times.


This collection was inspired by Chrissy Carter's personal journey to motherhood. The meditations can be helpful when going through the difficult challenges that accompany the ups and downs of the fertility process. The meditations are comforting as Chrissy provides ample wisdom, while also delivering soothing empathetic and compassionate support. Her tender words can help to find calm in the midst of wild uncertainty, learn to accept what is while staying open to what may come, to choosing joy even as we feel pain and sadness, to releasing fear and navigating grief. It ultimately takes us on a path to trust the process (whatever it may be) and suggests ways to give ourselves tender self care and to accept this care as well from our support system. The wisdom in this Collection helps us trust in the divine timing of things, while cultivating a bright space within ourselves so that we can welcome whatever may come.



Life Changing

“This app and these meditation teachers have literally changed my life. Been using this app for years now. Daily routine can’t live without it.”