First responders Collection

This collection of guided meditations was created for first responders to help them get the support they need to handle on- and off-the-job stress and the physiological effects of trauma. These are breath, body and brain-based meditations designed to boost the ability to identify and release stress patterns.


First responders face stressors in their work that many of us can’t imagine. In helping everyday people in the worst of times, these real-life heroes witness human suffering on a grand scale. While their outward efforts are often celebrated, the mounting stress of their jobs can go unchecked.

The meditations, when practiced regularly, may also help with feelings of burnout, depression, insomnia and other challenges associated with this stressful line of work. 
We recommend that first responders practice these meditations each day, or as a busy schedule allows.



The Best

"Hands down the best meditation app. I've tried finding the perfect one for some time now and I am done searching! Love the categories for general and specific needs! So happy to see meditations for First Responders."