The guided meditations in the Goodnight Kiddo Collection were designed to help your little ones—between the ages of four and eight—relax, fall asleep, and have the sweetest of dreams. These simple and soothing meditations will engage your kiddo's imagination, relax their mind, and help lull them into a peaceful slumber.


We know that putting your little one to sleep might seem a little daunting at times. Help ease the nighttime struggle by creating a soothing bedtime (or naptime) ritual with the meditations in the Goodnight Kiddo Collection. These three to eight minute meditations invite your kiddo to go on sweet bedtime adventures, including riding on rainbows, flying on clouds, walking in the park, or just chilling out in their bed. They are the perfect way to reduce your little one’s overall stress and anxiety, end each day on a positive note, and help them sleep like a baby (wink). Each meditation is perfectly paired with original music composed to match the voice and tone of each meditation. Whether your little one sleeps like an angel or is a nightmare at bedtime, these meditations are sure to help them wind down, fall fast asleep, and wake up happy and content—a real dream come true!



Awesome Selection for Whole Family

“The meditations are awesome; I use them to clear my mind before bed and my kids often request a meditation when they need to calm down, have some quiet time or relax before bed. I love the way the meditations are organized so I can always find just what I am looking for and the selection changes which is also great. This app is easy to use and has a good selection, I definitely recommend it!”