Happiness Collection

These guided meditations will help you open your heart and find a sense of gratitude and appreciation for what’s in your life right now. Practice these meditations daily and you’ll notice wonderful changes in your mood and your general outlook. The meditations in this collection guide you to happiness using breath, body, inspiration and heart-based styles.


A mindfulness meditation practice can increase positive states of mind. By reducing stress and improving focus, meditation allows us to let go of the anxiety brought about by our hectic, multi-tasking lives. Research suggests that a multi-tasking brain is a stressed brain, and through meditation, the brain has a chance to enjoy some well-deserved R&R.

The Happiness collection was created to provide you with a variety of guided meditations designed for your happiness and wellbeing. There are meditations to help with gratitude, shifting out of a bad mood, overcoming negativity and how to begin your day with a positive outlook. Some will even help you reflect on what an ideal life might look like for you.




"Absolutely love this app to de-stress and bring back happiness that can't be found anywhere but within."