Jane murray

Why we love Jane...

Jane’s smooth and soothing voice will help you connect to your heart and tap into inner peace, kindness, and empathy.

Jane's bio:

Jane Murray is the founder of Peacebeam, a company that creates short guided meditations—Peacebeams—designed to help commuters and busy people become calm, present, and connected. Peacebeams help listeners get out of their headspace and into their heartspace quickly and at the most stressful times of the day. A former lawyer and venture capitalist, Jane has also taught Fourth Way Philosophy and is convinced that the motivating force for overcoming any challenge is acting from a place of love. To peacebeam is to activate the heart and intend unconditional good for ourselves and the world around us. Jane believes that small acts like taking five minutes to feel compassion, kindness, empathy, and caring can make big changes in the world.