Julie Campilio

Why we love Julie....

Julie helps young children exercise their imagination using guided visualizations that soothe and calm stress and anxiety.

For more on Julie, enjoy her podcast interview on Untangle.

Julie's bio:

Julie Campilio struggled with anxiety as a child. Yoga and mindfulness helped her overcome years of panic attacks, inspiring her to establish Radiant Beginnings Yoga to help students manage stress in their own lives. Julie’s been teaching yoga and mindfulness in school systems for 10 years, working with all ages who’ve experienced trauma or require special needs. She’s worked in title one schools, private day cares, and public education, collaborating with therapists, social workers, school psychologists, and researchers. After a decade of seeing progress in school children, Julie realized her life’s work is to help children and teens develop the tools she wishes she’d had as a child. Through Radiant Beginnings, she offers guided relaxations, videos, books, trainings, and lesson plans to support teachers who may benefit from stress management skills in the classroom.