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Meditations for: Moms, Kids, Teens, College, Quarterlife, Entrepreneurs, Travel, Earth Day, Veterans, First Responders

These meditations meet the needs of specific people, communities, and careers.



13 Meditations

Find moments of peace.  Use breath, body and inspiration to find calm within your busy schedule and changing life.



13 Meditations

Meditations for children four to ten years old. Focus on using breath and imagery to engage imagination while relaxing your mind.


14 Meditations

Find a sense of calm when stressed and anxious. Use them to reduce anxiety, manage strong emotions, and find self-compassion.



15 Meditations

Meditations designed to support students in many new situations, whether entering or exiting the college experience.


8 Meditations

Help face the changes and challenges of this new stage in life. Listen to your intuition to love yourself unconditionally. 



9 Meditations

This Collection of guided meditations was created to support the unique needs of entrepreneurs as they face the everyday challenges of creating and scaling their businesses.



11 Meditations

Whether you're traveling with family, on business or on a solo adventure, these meditations will help you manage any stress or anxiety related to travel.



8 Meditations

Enjoy meditations inspired by Earth Day, the gifts of the planet and the many ways we are all interconnected.


22 Meditations

Improve focus, relieve stress, and get better sleep. Use breath, body and heart to relax, pause and slow the mind down.

First responderS

7 Meditations

Handle job stress and trauma. Use breath, body and brain-based meditations to identify and release stress patterns.