Kids Collection

This collection of short and simple guided meditations is designed for children between the ages of four and ten. Kids are encouraged to focus on using their breath and guided imagery to engage their imagination while relaxing their mind.


In today’s high-pressure society, an increasing number of children are showing signs of anxiety and stress at an alarmingly early age. Our goal is to turn this trend around by encouraging kids to meditate. When practiced regularly, these meditation sessions will help to relieve stress and anxiety in young children.

These meditations are meant to be versatile: they can be practiced before bed, while traveling or when your child is experiencing a particularly challenging or stressful situation. Our goal is to help children face difficult situations in their inner world and in the world at large with a more mindful, positive perspective.

Whether your child has trouble sleeping, anxiety at school, rivalry with a sibling or physical ailments, meditation can be a helpful tool to calm fears and help them face demanding situations with a more calm and confident attitude.




"This app has been great for getting my 8 year old to calm down at bed time. He asks to meditate before bed, and if he’s feeling anxious during the day."