Long BREAKS Collection

This collection of longer guided meditations was created for all our customers who said, “Give us longer meditations!” The meditations in this collection are all over twenty minutes, for when you have time on your side. They primarily use breath and body styles.


Whether it’s through stories of endlessly meditating Eastern mystics, advice from an established meditation teacher or a meditation-newbie friend, the question often remains: “How long should I meditate?” The answer, unfortunately, isn’t crystal clear or black and white. But here’s what we do know:
When we first created the Meditation Studio app, we wanted to make it incredibly easy for meditation newbies to learn and enjoy meditation. Our goal was to produce meditations that were ten minutes or less in length, so you’d never have a reason not to meditate. Easy enough, right?

Timed passed and our user base grew, and as we began getting our five-star reviews (aww, shucks!), we discovered that the only thing we were missing was longer meditations. The more you practice, the more you’ll find yourself wanting to sit for longer periods of time.




"I'm very ADHD and this app has already worked wonders in just a matter of days... My life is hectic and busy all of the time, so for someone whose mind that has been constantly racing for the past 20 years of their life, learning to focus my thoughts solely on what is happening internally is very rewarding. I can't thank these teachers enough for helping me through this. I truly feel like I'm sitting front and center in my own life now."