Meditation Essentials Course

with Michael Apollo


This beginner meditation course was created by mindfulness expert, Michael Apollo. There are 15 sessions and each one includes instruction followed by a guided meditation. We created this course to provide the basics that you’ll need to know to kick-start your meditation practice.


This course teaches simple things like how to sit, how to create a space for doing meditation regularly, and how to deal with difficulties. It also gives you a look at what happens in your mind and body as thoughts, emotions and sensations arise, explaining some of the scientific benefits of meditation.

The course is sequential. We recommend that you do one session at a time, ideally once a day so that you can digest the information and enjoy the practices that go with each instruction.

The second part of the course gives you a tour of meditation styles that are included in the app. This will help you ease your way into a meditation practice so that you can establish a routine and let each meditation sink in before going to the next one.
The styles that we use in this five-star guided meditation app include breath, body, heart, inspiration, visualization and instruction. Each guided meditation is labeled to help you identify the style that you will enjoy when you practice.



Great App for Beginning Practitioners!

"Great App! It has helped me establish a consistent meditation routine. As someone newer to the practice, this App walks you through the process and slowly initiates you into the pattern of daily meditation at a pace that is inviting and helpful so that you can begin to create a daily habit. Highly recommended!"