eating Collection

The guided meditations in this Mindful Eating Collection were designed to help us slow down as we prepare and eat our meals and to help us explore our relationship with our food and our bodies. Our experts use breath, body and visualization styles.


Ever feel triggered by an emotion—whether it be anger, frustration or even anxiety—and rush to the nearest chocolate chip cookie? You’re not alone! Many of us eat when we’re sad, lonely, rushed or anxious. It’s often called “running on autopilot.” We eat on the run without thinking about what we’re putting into our bodies and then (ahem…) regret it later. Instead of rushing from one moment to the next, speed-eating, and then feeling full yet unfulfilled, try these meditations for a calmer, kinder eating experience.

With these meditations, we can learn to slow down so that we can select the foods we want to eat, eat more mindfully, and pay more attention to the signals that our bodies send when we’re satisfied. This series can help us turn off “autopilot” so that we’re more aware of sensations felt while we’re eating and can tune into our bodies more deliberately. With guided visualizations and inspirations, we can focus on awareness of the eating habits that we want to change. The body image meditations are designed to help us accept ourselves and our bodies more completely. This collection is about rethinking our relationship with food and our bodies. We hope that you enjoy these meditations and that they nourish you and
help you feel healthier and happier in your body.



Wonderful, Relaxing

"Recovering from major surgery, I needed help with pain and breathing. This app is wonderful. I'm definitely hooked on these meditations."