Mindfulness at work Course

with Michael Apollo


At some point in life, everyone feels the stress of working in an office environment. From strained relationships to jammed printers, there are plenty of work-related challenges that can ruffle even the smoothest feathers. While we can’t control others (or our office machinery), we can begin to change the way we respond by building resilience and becoming more mindful of our emotions, reactions and triggers. 



Divided into three chapters—Building Emotional Intelligence and Resilience, Relationships, and Integrating Mindfulness at Work—our Mindfulness at Work Course gives you the tools you need to be successful in today’s workplace. Want to tap into empathy? Develop more compassion? Find sharper focus? You’re in the right place.

A thought-leader at the forefront of the mindfulness-at-work movement, teacher Michael Apollo guides you seamlessly through this three-chapter course. With newfound skills and real-life tools, you’ll come away feeling ready to reengage at the office.



Love it!"I love this app. I find it to be a great tool in the practice of meditation. I enjoy the different courses and ease of using the app."