Moms Collection

This collection of guided meditations was created to help pregnant women and mothers find moments of peace and calm within their busy schedules and changing lives.  These meditations primarily use breath, body and inspiration styles.


It goes without saying: a mom’s life in today’s modern world is nothing short of demanding. From the stresses of a changing body during pregnancy to getting kids out the door in the morning, moms can find themselves lacking in self-care, falling into patterns of controlled chaos, feeling a sense disconnection, or burdened by being overwhelmed.

These meditation practices help support mothers through the ups and downs that are an inevitable part of motherhood. Whether you’re a first-time mom or an experienced one, these meditations will help you reduce stress and anxiety, become more aware, and be more present and authentic.

We want you to find more compassion for yourself and empathy for those you love. Meditation is about taking each moment as it comes with a sense of acceptance and curiosity. And just because this collection was created for moms doesn’t mean dads don’t need it, too!



Mom & Daughter Meditation Time

"This app is so awesome! My daughter and I decided that we wanted to add meditation to our daily wellness routine. We are so glad that we choose the Meditation Studio App. We love the collections and many options within each collection."