Motivation Collection

The guided meditations in the Motivation Collection were designed to help you feel excited, inspired, and ready for action. Whether you're trying to make your dreams come true or just open up to new possibilities, these meditations will help you keep an open mind, create abundance, and reach your goals.


Are you ready to take on life’s biggest challenges and greatest opportunities? The Motivation Collection is perfect for anyone who wants to feel excited, inspired, and ready to take action. Whether you’re already a go getter or you need a little motivation, these guided meditations were designed to help you tackle your dream list and your to do list with efficiency, laser focus, and a whistle-while-you-work attitude. Use these meditations to identify your life’s purpose, set actionable goals, and prepare for change. Get your mind and heart ready to accept abundance, be open to new possibilities, and gracefully handle uncertainty. Enjoy all of the good things to come as you work with intention and stay grounded in your values!



Highly Recommend

”Meditation Studio has a wide variety of talented coaches and topics to cater to any stressor or stress level. I may not have got through medical school without it! I highly recommend subscribing to this invaluable service.”