Now you can enjoy background music with your favorite guided or unguided meditations. With tracks like Awe, Reflection, Serenity, Slumber, Tranquility or Peace, you’ll find yourself melting into a state of peaceful calm anytime, anywhere.

Meet our Composer

Jeremy Siegel

Jeremy was an avid Meditation Studio app user and reached out to us with the idea of creating music for our meditations. Because Jeremy is a young student with enormous talent and a giant heart, we said a resounding YES! We were thrilled that he contacted us and we love the music that he created for Meditation Studio. We hope you do too! Jeremy Siegel is a music composer and producer majoring in Music Production at the Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California. Jeremy creates and produces music from electronic genres to ambient, pop, jazz, classical, and video game soundtracks. In addition to producing original music, he works closely with pop music artists around Los Angeles, and he also creates tunes for apps and games. As a person who meditates frequently, Jeremy became interested in meditation music and ambient soundscapes, and he had a great time creating the music for Meditation Studio App’s meditations.  

More of his music can be found on streaming services or here on his Soundcloud.