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New in December


We can’t wait to share our latest collection, new teacher, and featured content!

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Playlists Are Here

Curate all of your favs

You asked and you shall receive! We’re kicking off the holiday season with something BIG! Be on the lookout for full playlist functionality, a frequently requested feature from our app users.

The possibilities are endless--make playlists for the time of day, the day of the week, or even according to your mood and goals. With all of your favorite meditations in one place, you’ll always be just a few taps away from peace, calm and clarity.



Managing change with grace

The Transitions Collection is full of soothing meditations to help you stay calm, grounded and positive during life’s inevitable changes, challenges, and unknowns.

This collection was specifically designed to help you claim your inner strength, stay in the present, and build up your resilience, no matter what the future has in store. Meditations such as Changing Seasons, Breathe in Light, New Perspectives, and many more will help you face uncertainty and fear with grace, ease and an open mind.


Patricia O'Keeffe

Meet our new multi-talented instructor

Patricia’s serene meditations are featured in our brand new Transitions Collection! Her soothing voice, Irish accent, and wise words expertly guide listeners to a calmer, happier and more positive place.

Patricia is a mindfulness instructor in Dublin, Ireland, and the owner of Healthy Mind and Body. She is training to become a bio energy therapist and gives talks on how to weave mindfulness into everyday life.

Featured Holiday Calm Collection

Cut through the seasonal stress

Our Featured Collection has all of the meditations you need to manage the expectations, stress and overwhelm that can come along with the holiday season. Be calm and bright with meditations such as Feeling Rooted, Releasing Knots, and Wishing Joy for Others.

This collection features some of our all-time favorite instructors, including Chrissy Carter, Franko Heke, and Ashley Turner. Give yourself the gift of peace this season with our Featured Collection.