PAin Collection

The guided meditations in the Pain Collection are designed to help you ease pain by relaxing your body and lessening your mind’s focus on the sensations, so that you are able to ease physical tension associated with discomfort, unwind your mind’s focus on the pain, and explore ways to let go of your attention to the pain. The meditations in the Pain collection are a combination of breath, body and visualization styles.


Each year, millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain. Over-the-counter relief is the go-to solution for many healthcare professionals, which has been a contributing factor to today’s dangerous opioid addiction crisis. How do we fix this downward spiral? Enter: meditation.

Research shows that meditation reduces pain up to forty percent more than morphine or other drugs, and helps lessen the sensation of pain by more than half. Pain is a complex experience that involves biology and psychology, as well as sociological and environmental factors. Meditation can work to alleviate the anxiety surrounding pain, leaving sufferers more in control of their initial pain response.  Our meditations offer compassion for suffering along with visualizations that invite alternative methods for being with pain.



Wonderful, Relaxing

"Recovering from major surgery, I needed help with pain and breathing. This app is wonderful. I'm definitely hooked on these meditations."