Palma Michel

Why we love Palma....

Palma’s kind and inspiring words lead us to become more compassionate, mindful and present in our everyday lives.

Palma's bio:

Palma is a meditation and mindfulness teacher, sought-after coach and healer. She is a co-founder of Profuse29, a global company that introduces mindfulness to organizations. She is passionate about coaching executives to become mindful and compassionate leaders and empowering individuals to live with greater presence and meaning. Her clients include CEOs, philanthropists, royalty, hospice patients and their families. She has been invited to teach at organizations such as Facebook, CNN, and Warner Brother as well as renowned wellness destinations around the world including Chiva-Som and Amanpuri. Palma is the author of The Authority Guide To Mindful Leadership and has written for a number of publications including The Guardian and The Sunday Times Style.