Pamela Stokes eggleston

Why we love Pamela....

Pamela’s meditations are designed for families of veterans to help manage the unique stresses of life in the military.

Pamela's bio:

Pamela Stokes Eggleston, MS, MBA, is an accomplished consultant, advisor, published author, national speaker and a strong advocate for service members, military spouses and veteran families. Combined with over 20 years of program administration and project management expertise, her goal is to raise the collective consciousness of the challenges military families and veterans face upon returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Pamela is the founder of Yoga2Sleep, an organization that uses yoga and wellness practices to promote “better sleep for the best life.” A yoga instructor, meditation guide, and stress management consultant, Pamela serves on the support staff of Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans, and is a contributor to Mantra Yoga and Health magazine and Military Spouse magazine.