Quarterlife Collection

The guided meditations in our Quarterlife Collection are perfect for when you’re facing the changes—and challenges—as you enter this new stage in life. From listening to your intuition to loving yourself unconditionally, these meditations help set the stage for having the life you want.


Now that you’re an adult, you may feel pulled in a hundred different directions. The decisions that lie ahead, whether they be career, relationships or living situation, can leave you feeling stressed, anxious and without a compass. How do you know which decisions are the right ones? How do you tap into the wisdom of your intuition? How do you find a moment of calm within it all? How do you find confidence in yourself and move at your own pace, without comparing yourself to others?  These guided inspirational meditations are a great place to start. 

The Quarterlife Collection of guided meditations, created by Coby Kozlowski, lowers stress, quiets the mind, and allows you to turn down life’s noise to tune into yourself. Using breath work and visualization, these guided meditations provide profound inspiration and clarity. With the benefits of stress-relief, self-compassion, and a newfound sense of empowerment gained through a meditation practice, you’ll find it easier to ride the waves of life’s turbulent waters and make more productive decisions for yourself.