Relationships Collection

This Relationship Collection of guided meditations was designed to help you find peace in all relationships. You’ll learn how to cultivate awareness, find forgiveness and have the ability to let go of some of the small stuff. These meditation styles are primarily breath, heart and inspiration.


Better management of your reactions, improved emotional resiliency, more empathy toward others: these are just a few of the things that a regular meditation practice can bring to your relationships. By gaining more control over your mind’s default settings and honing your self-awareness, you’ll find yourself able to relate to others more effectively and compassionately.

While it’s not always easy to sit on a cushion and meditate, the more you sit with your personal practice, the more you’ll be able to take your practice off the cushion and into your relationships and everyday interactions. Through these empathetic and calming meditations, you’ll cultivate peace within yourself and in your relationships. Titles like Calm in Conflict, Forgiving and Letting Go, Kindness Toward your Partner and more will truly provide inspiration and guidance.



Cure Yourself

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