Singing Bowls Collection

Put on your noise cancelling headphones and immerse yourself in the blissful vibrations featured in our Singing Bowl Collection. Each magical track features harmonizing sound frequencies that will effortlessly relax your beautiful body, focus your monkey mind, and allow you to be perfectly present. Sweet music to our ears!


Composed by sound therapy expert and longtime musician Ann Martin, the magical tones of Himalayan sound bowls, BLISSbowls™, and quartz crystal will soothe your soul, clear your chakras (yes, all seven of them!), and restore your body to a state of pure relaxation. Breathe deep, wade in the sound waves, and enjoy all of the amazing benefits of this ancient sound healing practice, including everything from increased clarity, focus, and mood to decreased stress, anxiety, and tension. Whether you’re a meditation master or a deep breathing beginner, the transformative tones featured in our Sound Bowls Collection are sure to perk up your senses and your meditation practice. Keep the positive energy flowing and the good vibes coming with the restorative power of singing bowls.



Wonderful App

”Life changing! This app and these meditation teachers have literally changed my life. Been using this app for years now. Daily routine can’t live without it.”