Sleep Collection

The guided meditations in the Sleep collection are designed to help you gently prepare for sleep so that you get the rest your mind and body need, and you enjoy a more peaceful night sleep. The meditations use breath, body and visualizations to quiet the mind in preparation for a deep and tranquil sleep.


We can all agree that sleep is one of our basic human needs. In our busy modern society, we’re constantly connected to our work and our social lives through technology, which has a negative impact on our sleep. Instead of making sleep a priority, we often say we’ll sleep when we get the chance.

Sleep is extremely important for your health and wellbeing. When you drift off to sleep, your body’s batteries begin to recharge, healing damaged cells and recovering physically and mentally from the day’s activities. Good sleep boosts your immune system, keeps your mood stable, improves your memory and strengthens your cardiovascular system for the next day. Mindfulness exercises designed to use before bedtime center the brain and quiet the body, creating a sense of peace and calm, as well as acting as a way to bring the day to a close.



Great App to Help You Unwind

"I use this app every night before bed to clear my mind and relax. It works wonders. I find myself waking up half an hour or more before my alarm every day now feeling totally calm and rested. Definitely worth every penny!"