with Shelby Harris


Want to sleep better tonight?  This Sleep Basics Course gives you the tips and tools you’ll need to snooze peacefully for good.


Shelby Harris, Clinical Psychologist and Behavior Sleep Medicine (BSM) expert, created this course for anyone who has ever been challenged with sleep issues or insomnia. Instruction and meditations are included in this rich and insightful course. Now, you can finally get a good nights’ sleep!

Whether you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, these tools and practices will help. In this Course, Shelby shares simple, but potent actions that are sure to help improve your sleep. You’ll enjoy topics like creating the right environment for your best nights sleep, tips for light, temperature, sound and bedding, and how to wind down before even jumping into bed. And did you know that your bed should be used for ONLY sleep or sex? True! Taking your technology to bed with you? Not a great idea. And, a simple trick, like taking your emotional temperature before shutting down can be super helpful when trying to let go of the day’s stressors. You’ll be surprised and delighted at how some simple changes in your everyday routine can create an opportunity, once and for all, for a better nights’ sleep. 

This course is chock full of information and insights for you to explore.



Great App for Beginning Practitioners!

"Great App! It has helped me establish a consistent meditation routine. As someone newer to the practice, this App walks you through the process and slowly initiates you into the pattern of daily meditation at a pace that is inviting and helpful so that you can begin to create a daily habit. Highly recommended!"