The guided meditations in the Special Occasions Collection help you celebrate important milestones, both big and small. Whether it’s a traditional holiday or one that’s “all yours,” like a birthday or anniversary, these meditations are reminders to help celebrate what’s most meaningful in your life.


You know how happy you feel when you wake up on your birthday morning? You might have that feeling of anticipation of what's to come next on this day that is all yours or maybe you're just remembering a past 'best birthday ever'. Maybe you have no plans at all and you're just going to let the day emerge, doing only things you love OR maybe you're excited to see someone special for lunch or dinner or maybe even a quick skydiving expedition (or not!). We hope you'll have this feeling of joy with every celebration, big or small with our new Collection of meditations designed to focus on all of the occasions in our lives. Whether it's Thanksgiving or New Years or your Anniversary, Valentines Day or Mothers Day, we're just beginning to amass this Collection of spirited guided inspirations for you.



Now a Daily Practice

"I look forward to meditation every day now. I am finding that it is possible to meditate, be present and gain peacefulness throughout my day.