Stress Collection

The guided meditations in the Stress collection help us to stay calm and focused, bringing us very real mental and physical health benefits. These meditations use breath, body and visualizations to calm and quiet the mind and body. 


Life will always be full of challenges, turmoil and annoyances that stress us out. This is unavoidable, but we can learn how to minimize the physical and emotional reactions that come with stress. Science has proven the benefits associated with a daily meditation practice, including lowering your blood pressure, reducing stress, relieving anxiety, improving sleep—the list goes on. Whether you’re hoping for a new perspective on a situation, to gain greater self-awareness, to reduce negative emotions or just be more mindful in your day-to-day life, a daily meditation practice may be just what you need.

When stress becomes overwhelming, it affects our physical health, making us feel sluggish, sad, depressed or even physically ill. Meditation helps us learn how to pause before we react to the events that trigger reactions to stress, like fight, flight or freezing. By pausing, we’re able to respond more thoughtfully from a place of clarity and awareness. 


What People Are Saying


"I started a new job last week and I was feeling extremely stressed and overwhelmed. I was not sleeping at all. Over the last three days, I've used these meditations in the morning and during my breaks. What an incredible difference they've made! The tension in my shoulders and neck has disappeared and I’m sleeping so well now!"