Why we love Suzanne....

Suzanne teaches yoga and meditation to veterans to help ease PTSD. Her approachable tools are life-changing.

Suzanne's bio:

Suzanne Manafort has worked with veterans with PTSD in a program called Post-Traumatic Stress Residential Rehabilitation Program, teaching veterans yoga and meditation practices to manage the effects of PTSD. This work led her to research the benefits that veterans gain from yoga programs, and how to tailor teaching techniques accordingly. Suzanne founded Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans, a training program for yoga therapists on effectively using yoga to help veterans. A member of the International Associationof Yoga Therapists, Suzanne studied at Yoga CenterAmherst with Patty Townsend. At the Himalayan Institute, Suzanne completed the Living Tantra program taught by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait. Suzanne currently teaches the Embodyoga Teacher Training Program at Newington Yoga Center and serves as a board member of the Give Back Yoga Foundation.