Uncovering Happiness Course

with Elisha Goldstein


Elisha Goldstein, psychologist, mindfulness expert and author, created this Uncovering Happiness meditation course to provide fundamental step-by-step instruction and practices that can set you up for a more meaningful, happy and joyful life. You’ll learn the fundamentals of mindfulness, compassion and how to train your mind to be more aware of the good that is in all of us.


You’ll find meditations on how to overcome negative thoughts, how to break a bad mood, how to activate more resiliency in the brain, and even some that will help you generate more joy in your life.

With guided meditations like Turn to the Good, Positive Thoughts, Practicing Forgiveness and Tune the Heart, it’s impossible not to feel at least twenty percent better after practicing!

This course will help you feel more calm, content and confident in your life right now.



Happiness to go!

"This course has changed my life. I love the meditations on gratitude, breaking a bad mood and overcoming negative thoughts. A lifesaver!"