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Lawyers do it. Accountants do it. Architects do it. Yep, we’re talking about meditation. You hear a lot about meditation having a positive effect on your personal health and wellbeing—but what about your professional life? 



As technology accelerates and attention spans wane, workplace demands—and their associated stress—continue to mount. You’re no doubt familiar with the terms “burnout,” “tech-fatigue,” and “mental health day” as phrases that exemplify how we’re all under-rested and overwhelmed at work. But by taking a pause for the cause—as little as five minutes a day—you can begin to take back control over your emotions, reactions and triggers.

Studies have shown that office workers who meditate show increased productivity, better focus, and a more positive attitude toward their jobs. Not only are meditating office mates more efficient, but they’re also more relaxed: these same studies have shown that meditation helps to reduce work-related stress and encourages empathy and acceptance. 

By changing the way you feel while you’re at work, you're changing the way you feel about work. And that’s something that’s definitely worth a raise, don’t you think? 



I Really Like This App!

"I find this one has lots of choices and great teachers. I love the public speaking meditation. For me it is phenomenal. It is so soothing reassuring and it really boosts my confidence. I have felt a little more assertive with my public speaking. Love it!"