Zen Collection

The Zen collection of guided meditations was designed to support you as you explore new ways to sit quietly and meditate. It will help you to be still with your mind and body in a fresh new way. The meditations use breath, body and visualizations to guide you into peace and tranquility.


A Zen master once said, “You are perfect and complete just as you are.” This is the philosophy that Chodo Campbell and Koshin Paley Ellison, our two Zen meditation teachers in New York City, use in their daily meditation practice, as well as their regular meditation classes.

Whether you’re feeling stressed, in pain or just need a bit of calm, these meditations will provide a moment or two of peace in your otherwise busy day. We created this collection of guided meditations with Zen Teachers, Koshin and Chodo, who have infused these peaceful meditations with a “taste of Zen.” We hope you’ll use these meditations to guide yourself into a place of ease and joy.




"I meditated before, but now I meditate every day, thanks to this app. It's great that you can choose by length, teacher, meditation style etc. I personally am a fan of Zen. I recommend this app with all my heart. You will love it!"