5 Quick Tips for Untangling your Mind

1)  Be kind to yourself and treat yourself like you might treat your best friend. Self-compassion is one of the most important tools you can develop, especially if you want to be resilient with life’s ups and downs.

2) Take a pause before acting (or reacting). One simple pause will make your response more thoughtful, less reactive. You know that email you got from your colleague that seemed rather snarky? Instead of firing off an instant response, take a moment… it could mean the difference between miscommunication and connection.

3)  Relationships are the fastest way to personal growth. Don’t run from the tough ones — engage them as you would a mirror and let them reflect what you need to learn.

4)  Real happiness isn’t exactly what you think (in that hedonic sort of way). It’s bigger and is more about joy, contentment, love, and even service.

5) Forgive yourself and others. Hanging on to old stuff is like a bee sting that won’t stop. It’s worse for you than the bee.