Our Courses

Want to dive deeper into a specific meditation topic? Take one of our step-by-step courses. 



Starter SerieS

with Elisha Goldstein

Want to kickstart a practice? We’ve got you covered. This 10-day series gives you just what you need to begin—or begin again!

Meditation Essentials

with Michael Apollo

New to meditation? No problem. These sessions will take you from zero to zen by teaching you the basics.



with Shelby Harris

Want to sleep better tonight?  This Sleep Basics Course gives you the tips and tools you’ll need to snooze peacefully for good.

Uncovering Happiness

with Elisha Goldstein

Need a boost? Here you’ll learn how to harness your brain’s natural antidepressant power, feel more joy and think positively.


Mindfulness at Work

with Michael Apollo

Curious how mindfulness can improve your work life?  Here you’ll learn to be more focused, resilient, empathetic and emotionally and socially intelligent.


Changing Habits

with Hugh Byrne

Feeling stuck? In this course you’ll identify any unhealthy habits you want to change and learn new tools to break them.