Melli O’Brien

Why we love Melli....

Melli’s meditations help us deepen our practice so we can find peace, purpose and fulfillment in the midst of it all. 

Melli's bio:

Melli O’Brien is an accredited meditation, mindfulness and yoga teacher who specializes in multi day immersion mindfulness retreats. Her passion is distilling the essence of the worlds wisdom traditions into practical tools and teachings for every day people. She is also the co-founder and host of the Mindfulness Summit, the world largest mindfulness conference, which was attended by 250,000 people when it launched online in 2015. Known for her authentic, engaging and heartfull teaching style, thousands of people have attended her popular retreats around Australia. If you want depth without dogma and practical ways to touch the sacred dimension of life in this busy, stressful age we live in, then Melli’s meditations are for you.