MOther's Day MEssage

...and the story behind our new meditations

Mother's Day means many different things to many people. For most of my life, it was a time for me to celebrate my amazing mom (known to many as the Goose) and all the love and laughter she brought into our lives. Since she died 2 years ago, Mother's Day has become an odd cocktail of love, appreciation and grief. 

For a few of my friends, Mother's Day has been a difficult day while they longed for children of their own. For others it’s simply a reminder of the relationship they have with a special unconventional mom in their lives. The word “mother” is chock full of emotion and meaning for each of us. 

Screenshot 2018-02-15 02.21.20.png

It is a day intended to celebrate the beauty of what mothers bring into this world - and for those lucky enough to be celebrating the day with their mother, as a mother, or an expectant mother, we have added a few new (beautiful) mom inspired meditations. We have also pulled together a great featured collection of some of our favorite meditations for all the moms out there.

For others, like me, whose Mother's Day might have a light cloud of grief associated with it, we also added three special meditations, Soothing Grief, Finding Joy and Dealing with Loss to make today (and every day) a bit easier.

A special thanks to all of you who have used our Suggestions form to submit your ideas on how we can make Meditation Studio even better. A few of you were directly responsible for the meditations in this release. Please keep those ideas coming. 

Wishing you a happy Mother's Day, in whatever form that takes.

PS. Did you know we have 3 teachers expecting babies this summer?
PPS. Did you know we have a podcast episode on Being a Mindful Mom with Stefanie Goldstein?
PPPS. Also, we will soon be renaming and expanding our Just for Moms Collection to become Just for 'Families' to celebrate and support families in whatever form.