NEW IN 2018


We’re excited to share with you some of the new content we’ll be adding monthly in 2018. And in case this content isn’t enough, we’ll also be delivering a few much-requested features like selecting ‘Favorites,’ as well as some new (and soothing) nature sounds early next year. And, throughout the year, you’ll see amazing new teachers as well. We’ve produced over 200 new meditations with diverse and talented teachers from around the world. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect early in the year.



Be inspired to re-boot with all new meditations and teachers.  

If you’ve ever been on ‘auto-pilot’ as you’re scarfing down your favorite comfort foods (and who hasn’t?), you’ll get the value of this life-changing collection of guided meditations. With a mix of new teachers and some of your current favorites, our new Mindful Eating meditations will help you stay on track as you create new habits this January and beyond.  
Want to sleep better? (who doesn’t!) Get started with our Sleep Basics Course by leading sleep expert and Psychologist, Shelby Harris. Dive into the basics, plus all the tips and tools you’ll need to sleep better and (bonus!) more guided meditations are included in the Course.  
There’s more: You’ll also enjoy new, original meditations from our regular experts like Chrissy Carter, Ashley Turner, Pamela Stokes Eggleston and Hugh Bryne. New teachers include Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Kate Johnson; Expert Yogi and Thought-leader Dianne Bondy; Therapist and Mindfulness expert, Giselle Jones.
And…want to Banish a Cranky Mood, Feel More Joy with Others, Get Better at Seeing the Big Picture (when you’re sweating the small stuff)? It’s all coming this January!!



Love is in the air! 

Dive into our Love Showcase in the Featured Collection where we’ll highlight meditations to boost your relationship IQ. And...what’s better than a great balance between love and work.  This month we’ll be adding a Mindful Work Course and a rich collection of Work-related guided meditations to be your workplace companion. If you want to build more emotional intelligence and resilience, gain more perspective when dealing with difficult conversations (and people!), balance strength and empathy or simply be more focused and productive, these meditations are for you. Our expert, Michael Apollo, has done a brilliant job at making this course and collection fulfilling and accessible. And, when you’re finished with love and work, you’ll want to check out new New Zealand favorite, Franko Hekes' sleep meditations. I hope you love his voice/accent as much as we do. You’ll for sure drift to sleep with not a care in the world. 



Bring meditation to the workplace. 

Enjoy an amazing new collection specifically crafted for Authentic Leadership. Our partner for this collection is brilliant executive, investor and author, Fran Hauser. The meditations were created to accompany her book, The Myth of the Nice Girl: Achieving a Career you Love without becoming a Person you Hate.  
The magnificent Chrissy Carter, will introduce 14 new meditations with titles like Kind and Strong, Align your Values, Find Your Voice, Getting Unstuck and many others. It’s a fresh collection that is sure to inspire you whether you’re a newbie to business or experienced and open to cultivating new qualities. This is a beloved collection and we’re so excited to offer it to you.

Also in March, we’re launching our collection of College meditations inspired by our partner, HerCampus, the #1 new-media brand for college women, written entirely by the world's top college journalists – with over 11,000 contributors. Whether it’s the first time away from home, a difficult exam or relationship, anxiety in social situations, fear of the unknown or even navigating big decisions solo, these meditations are designed to help college students find peace and calm in any situation.