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Favorites and a New 'NEW'!

Because you asked....  

So many of you have requested the ability to identify your favorite meditations -- and you can now do that from the Player screen (just click on that cute heart). While we were at it, we updated our background sound icon to make it easier for you to add one of our lovely music or ambient sound tracks. When we added the magical Heart to our Meditation Row, we decided to do some clean up -- and NEW meditations will now be identified in the Meditation Circle -- and the old NEW which identified Meditations that were downloaded but not listened to has now gone away.

Lastly, you will also have the option to sort by your Favorites or New in your Studio, Collection Detail, Teacher Detail or in the Search results.

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Empowering your inner leader.  

The timely Authentic Leadership collection was created as a companion to the book, The Myth of the Nice Girl: Achieving a Career you Love Without Becoming a Person you Hate.

The meditations are designed to inspire and empower women to fully embrace their authentic leadership style and were created based on the chapters in the book. The author of this book is brilliant executive and investor, Fran Hauser. Book Release is April 17. 

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Bring meditation to the workplace. 

The College collection was inspired by our partner, HerCampus, the #1 new-media brand for college women, written entirely by the world's top college journalists – with over 11,000 contributors.

Whether it’s the first time away from home, a difficult exam or relationship, anxiety in social situations, fear of the unknown or even navigating big decisions solo, these meditations are designed to help college students find peace and calm in any situation.