2016 Episodes

Episode 56


Untangle host, Patricia Karpas, closes 2016 with her top five personal takeaways from a year of interviews. Elisha Goldstein shares a loving-kindness meditation to open the heart for the new year.


Episode 55


Michaela Haas is the author of a book called Bouncing Forward, Transforming Bad Breaks into Breakthroughs.  She explores how we find healing and resilience after major setbacks and emerge even stronger, wiser and more compassionate.  She shares some of the proven methods that we can use to survive and thrive in the face of challenges.


Episode 54


The CEO of the David Lynch Foundation, Bob Roth, is one of the top Transcendental meditation teachers in the country. He discusses the benefits of a daily TM practice to alleviate stress and reach a profound state of rest. He also discusses the work they do teaching meditation in inner city schools, to veterans and to other underserved populations.


Episode 53


Buddhist Meditation Teacher and Author of Through the Flames, Allan Lokos, shares his story of surviving a plane crash on Christmas day, 2012. He shares what his long and painful recovery process taught him about how to survive —and even thrive — in the face of suffering and how we can all learn to thrive in the midst of pain and uncertainty.


Episode 52


Top executive coach, Joanne Heyman, integrates the practices of mindfulness and “radical self care” into her work with clients. She’s committed to social impact and to helping leaders grow and find purpose in their work, and in life. 
Her belief? You can’t be of the highest possible service to yourself or others if you’re stressed-out.


Episode 51


Elisha Goldstein shares a meditation from the Meditation Studio App Happiness Collection. He suggests that we spend a few minutes every day reflecting on what is right in our lives.  It’s helpful to actively reflect on the positive things in our world, even when there’s chaos in and around us.  Take a moment to ground yourself into the positive and enjoy the holiday.


Episode 50


First-time author Joe DiNardo shares his courageous journey with late wife, Marcia, from cancer diagnosis through death, as told in his new book, A Letter to My Wife.  It’s a sad, but hopeful look at the richness of love.  The practices of meditation and mindfulness served as his foundation for both coping and healing during this time.


Episode 49


Elisha is back on Untangle answering our listeners Top Five questions. Learn how to commit to a meditation practice, to make big life changes, to find a teacher or mentor and how to find your ground again when in crisis. He’s a psychologist, author, Co-founder of the Center for Mindful Living and flagship instructor on the Meditation Studio app.


Episode 48


Richard is the founder of the i Rest Program, which uses Yoga Nidra as a transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry, and is currently in VA hospitals, military bases, hospitals, hospice and schools.  His program helps people recapture and recover their innate sense of peace and relaxation after dealing with repeated trauma.


Episode 47


Leigh had dealt with crushing depression for most of her young adult life. Her memoir, Land of Enchantment, chronicles her story of depression and her love addiction to a troubled man. She shares how meditation has been a part of her healing process, and how she survived a very dramatic start to her twenties.


Episode 46


Colleen is a Yoga Teacher, Studio owner, Model and Author of a book called Yoga for Life.  She shares her heart-felt personal story filled with the surprising and dramatic challenges that she’s face throughout her life. She shares why yoga and meditation were such a big part of her journey to inner peace.


Episode 45


Cara Bradley is a Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, Mental Strength Coach and author of the book “On The Verge.” Her work integrates mindfulness practices with mental strength training for college football and basketball players for several Universities.  Cara shares many of the strategies and practices she uses with winning athletes.


Episode 44


Amy Baglan is the Founder of Meet Mindful, an online dating site where mindful singles connect with one another to find true love. Amy shares why she created a business for people who value healthy living, yoga, meditation, authentic connections and more and why she believes relationships are the fastest way to personal growth.


Episode 43


Jessica Emich, with her triplet sisters, runs a restaurant called Shine in Boulder, Colorado. She leads a hectic life as a chef, restaurateur, author and mom.  She just co-authored a book called Eat Drink Shine with her sisters.  Jessica shares how meditation helps her let go of the small stuff and stay balanced and blissful.


Episode 42


Kristin Neff is the author of Self Compassion, The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself, and is a pioneer in this field. She teaches several courses, including one with Brene Brown that examines why we’re always our toughest critic. Kristen gives us tools to be kinder to ourselves and teaches us why this is so important.


Episode 41


Tommy Rosen is the founder of Recovery 2.0, an organization that helps people thrive in recovery from addiction.  He shares his pioneering work, his own addiction story and discusses why some addictive habits form at a very young age.  His inspiring approach includes yoga, meditation, community and so much more. 


Episode 40


Vicki Saunders is an author, speaker and successful entrepreneur who recently founded SheEO, a global collaboration of entrepreneurs who are creating new models to help fuel women-led ventures.   She shares how meditation has helped her with focus, productivity, creativity and leadership.


Episode 39


Liz Corwin was a young, adventurous, US Navy Fighter Pilot who taught herself yoga and meditation to decompress while on the aircraft carrier.  In her spare time, she began teaching others on the ship, which led her to a new career as a yoga teacher for veterans and those in the military.


Episode 38


Charlie Hartwell is a unique businessman who blends his passion for personal transformation and positive impact with his work. The operating partner for Bridge Builders Collaborative, a group of investors who fund social entrepreneurs with big ideas in mind science and modern contemplative practices. He’s truly a change agent.


Episode 37


After 15 years living as an urban monk in NYC, Pandit Dasa answered the calling to bring mindfulness to the masses. Using his experience with meditation and deep insight into the human mind, Pandit shares his story of dedication, monastic living, and bringing wellness into the workplace, hosted by Emily Fletcher.


Episode 36


One of our favorite meditations from Meditation Studio. Mountain Strength, by Elisha Goldstein, is a guided visualization that will inspire you to feel grounded, clear and stress free.


Episode 35


Emily Fletcher interviews Ellie Burrows, the founder of MNDFL, one of the first meditation studios in NYC. Ellie tells the story of her journey from film executive to pursuing mindfulness in a more meaningful way. Ellie uses ancient teachings in a contemporary context to inspire compassion, confidence and consciousness in a highly digitized world.


Episode 34


When Shanti was five, she developed her own personal form of meditation to help her deal with an abusive mother and a negative home life. She’s now the founder of the Body Current method, combining yoga therapy, neuromuscular exercise, and mindfulness to resolve trauma and pain.


Episode 33


Nikki calls herself “the poster child for an at-risk life.” She’s a recovering addict and a survivor of sexual trauma and domestic violence. Now, she’s a yoga therapist, addictions recovery specialist, and founder of The Yoga of 12-Step Recovery, a program that weaves the best of yoga with the practical tools of 12-step programs.


Episode 32


Emily Fletcher interviews Jesse Israel, the founder of Medi Club in NYC. Jesse struggled with depression before realizing that he needed to make some big changes in his life. Jesse was seeing record levels of stress among millennials, so he founded an organization for modern meditators to unwind together on a weekly basis.


Episode 31


Dina Kaplan, founder of The Path, interviews Mark Epstein, a psychiatrist in NYC. Mark shares his personal story and what inspired him to bring the teachings of Buddhism to his psychotherapy practice. Mark is the author of a number of books, including Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart and The Trauma of Everyday Life. 


Episode 30


Jenn Walters, founder of Fit Bottomed Girls, explains how mindfulness helped her find a healthier way to be fit and happy. Jenn knew her eating disorder was out of control when she focused on her wedding day weight more than her wedding. She takes a holistic approach to healthy eating, and created a series of popular blogs to bring this wisdom to others.


Episode 29


Judson Brewer talks about using mindfulness to change addictive behaviors. Judson is an addiction psychiatrist, Director of Research for the Center for Mindfulness, and an adjunct faculty member at Yale University. His apps targeting smoking and eating disorders have helped inspire behavioral change in those who need it most.


Episode 28


Harvard-trained physician Parneet Pal discusses her efforts to revolutionize healthcare by looking at prevention and lifestyle as medicine. Parneet uses lifestyle-related behavior change and mindfulness as tools to inspire a healthier mind and body.


Episode 27


Chrissy Carter describes her journey from her fast-paced finance job to a new path teaching yoga and meditation. She now teaches yoga in NYC and leads workshops around the country.  She brings yoga into every part of her life, from fashion to entertaining to relationships.


Episode 26


Sukhraj Kaur Gipple grew up in a family of addiction, until kundalini yoga opened her up to a whole new view of the world. Through music, mantras, and verses from sacred texts, Boulder’s favorite kundalini teacher brings these teachings to life.


Episode 25


Emily Fletcher interviews Ariel Garten, founder of Muse. Muse is a brain-sensing headband that can give you accurate, real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain while you meditate. Muse combines neuroscience, technology, art, and design to enhance and reinforce your meditation practice.


Episode 24


Emily Fletcher sits down with Shamash Alidina. Shamash talks about how he uses the power of mindfulness and kindness to heal himself and others. He is one of the UK’s leading mindfulness teachers, and the author of Mindfulness for Dummies.


Episode 23


Koshin Paley Ellison and Chodo Campbell, two Zen Buddhist practitioners in Manhattan, talk about what led them to their meditation practice, their work in end of life care and their new book, Awake at the Bedside.  They share why intimacy with others is at the heart of contemplative care.


Episode 22


James Fox is the founder of the Prison Yoga Project, an organization that teaches yoga and meditation inside prisons. He believes that yoga, as a mindfulness practice, can bring about behavioral change, even in prisoners who’ve suffered from chronic trauma for most of their lives.


Episode 21


Michael Apollo talks about Buddhism, mindfulness at work, and how to get started with your own meditation practice. Michael is the director of the meditation program at University of Toronto, and leads our Meditation Essentials course. His teachings draw from neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.


Episode 20


Emily Fletcher sits down with Latham Thomas to talk about meditation, pregnancy, and how new moms can be more mindful and compassionate to themselves. Latham is the founder of Mamaglow, a place for new and expectant moms to maximize their well-being.


Episode 19


Wendy Stern talks about how meditation helped her to overcome her grief after losing her first child at just nine months old. Wendy is the Executive Director of the Grief Support Network, an organization dedicated to empowering people to transform through their experience with grief.


Episode 18


Emily Fletcher sits down with Rebecca Dreyfus and Elena Brower to talk about their film project, On Meditation. In the series, Rebecca and Elena convey the first-hand experiences of those who have developed meaningful practices, and how meditation has changed them. 


Episode 17


Alexa Silvaggio talks about her struggles with anorexia and how meditation and yoga helped her transition to a happier, healthier life. She is a yoga teacher, meditation practitioner, and leads yoga retreats with The Travel Yogi to exotic locations like Bhutan, France, and Iceland. 


Episode 16


Emily Fletcher sits down with Sharon Salzberg. Sharon tells her personal story and talks about the power of meditation, including how she used meditation to overcome her own personal suffering. Sharon, one of the world’s leading meditation teachers, is the author of nine books, including Lovingkindness and Real Happiness.


Episode 15


Emily Fletcher interviews Daniella Rabbani, a former student of hers. Daniella struggled with depression, thyroid issues, and a number of other mental and physical health problems. She talks about how meditation helped her health, her stress levels, her relationship, and more.


Episode 14


George Mumford talks about mindfulness, his book, The Mindful Athlete, and passing on his lessons of meditation to the next generation of young basketball players. George is a sports psychologist, mindfulness teacher, and coach, and worked with Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls during their legendary six-championship run, as well as NBA superstars like Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal.


Episode 13


Julie Campilio is joined by two of her students, Tessa and Catherine, who are here to talk about the power that yoga has in helping young kids deal with stress. Julie struggled with anxiety since she was a child. Yoga and mindfulness helped Julie overcome years of panic attacks, so she founded Radiant Beginnings Yoga to help students aged 2-18 cope with stress in their own lives.


Episode 12


Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D., talks about using meditation to find happiness, reduce stress, and regulate the emotional ups and downs that many of us struggle with on a day-to-day basis. Elisha is the co-founder of The Center For Mindful Living in Los Angeles and author of several books and articles on meditation.


Episode 11


Cathi Peterson speaks on the phone with Emily Fletcher to share her story. Cathi shares what it felt like to be diagnosed with cancer, and how she used meditation to help her move through the treatment.


Episode 10


Lodro Rinzler sat down with Emily Fletcher to share his story. Lodro is a practitioner and teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage and the founder of MNDFL studio in NYC, offering a variety of simple techniques in an accessible way. He is the author of five books, including, The Buddha Walks Into A Bar.


Episode 9


We sat down with Amy Kurtz. At the age of 25, Amy was hit with a “perfect storm” of health issues—celiac disease, thyroid disorder, parasite infections, and worse. Meditation helped her overcome these illnesses and take control of her life, and she’s now a certified health and wellness coach, pilates instructor, and detox expert.


Episode 8


Susan Piver, the best-selling author of How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life and eight other books on meditation and Buddhism, joins us. The experienced meditation teacher shares her thoughts on mindfulness, communication in relationships, tapping into our creativity, and more.


Episode 7


Dan Harris is the co-anchor of "Nightline" on ABC News and the weekend edition of "Good Morning America.” He’s also the New York Times’ best-selling author of the book 10 Percent Happier—How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works.


Episode 6


Stephen Batchelor has written several books and articles on Buddhist topics and leads meditation retreats throughout the world. He’s a well-known advocate for secular Buddhism, and refers to himself as a “skeptical Buddhist.” In this episode, he explains what that means, and gives us his take on meditation.


Episode 5


At the age of 15, Lisa Wimberger suffered a trauma that changed her life. After years of blackouts and seizures, Lisa combined meditation and neuroscience to create neurosculpting, a whole-brain approach to trauma. Lisa is also the founder of the Neurosculpting Institute in Denver and has written two books on the subject. 


Episode 4


In 2014, Dina Kaplan took a hiatus from her Type-A, workaholic life to travel the world.  When she came back, she launched The Path, a startup that brings together young professionals to learn­­ meditation techniques for a modern audience.


Episode 3


Despite a successful career as a high-powered executive, holding jobs with Bain & Company and Apple, Lois Shannon always felt that something was missing. After the birth of her children, she discovered what had been holding her back, and began a mindfulness practice to help her better nurture her kids and herself.


Episode 2


A self-labeled former meat-head and amateur cage fighter, Justin Kaliszewski attended his first vipassana, a ten-day silent retreat, last summer. In this episode, Justin tells the story of how that retreat changed the course of his life.


Episode 1


Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation in Manhattan, and a former Broadway actress who began suffering from insomnia and graying hair at the age of 26. Emily found meditation through a fellow actress, and she’s never been the same since!